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One of the things that makes Burning Man and its culture so different is the fact that there are no spectators.  Everyone participates.

There are no vendors (other than ice and coffee).   Everyone must be both radically self-reliant and also radically collaborative because burning man takes place in one of the harshest conditions on the planet so we all must band together and rely on each other during our time together at the burn.  

There is a special alchemy that it creates which makes it an incredibly transformative event like no other.   

Leave No Trace starts well before you arrive on the Playa with being conscious about the purchases you make to limit consumerism, packaging, and educating yourself on how to do so.

Remember that many hands make light work and AFTER build is over we venture to make participating in camp easy, fun, and an experience of ecstatic volunteerism for everyone.  Your participation is what makes this possible.  We have a few agreements we want EVERY Mystic to make with respect to your participation:


  • I agree to be a full contributing participant and NOT a spectator. I realize that I’m part of co-creating this home and the magic at mystic and I agree to contribute my unique gifts from a state of ecstatic volunteerism, giving joyfully.  We are not a plug n play camp. The privilege of camping with us includes ecstatically contributing your gifts to the playa.


  • I agree to join at least one of Mystics 40 teams with at least 2 shifts and to work with my team leader (if that’s not already me) to participate.

  • I agree to accurately and fully complete my registration survey with all requested information in a timely manner.  Each piece of information requested is needed to make sure I can be placed, watered, fed, and connected with a team.

  • I agree to participate in the opening circle, closing circle, and strike unless I've let the leadership know in advance that I won't be on playa. These times are the only events that are mandatory at camp. They form the beginning and ending bookends of our Mystical experience and the only time everyone at camp comes together.   Right after closing circle is strike..EVERYONE is on the strike team.  Strike is a way to see give back to the playa after it's added so much to your experience. You'll see your contribution in action and get the immediate gratification that comes from working together with people you love. Opening circle is on Tuesday at 12:00noon Closing circle begins at 1:00pm Sunday before the Temple Burn.

  • I agree to show up to all shifts I signed up for.  Many hands make light work and most Mystics have only 2 shifts that are often only a short period of time during the whole week.  It's part of the priviledge of camping with Mystic - participating in giving our gifts to the playa. It's a time to be in ecstatic service to your fellow mystics and the rest of the burner community. Mystic has a strong history of people showing up and doing even more than their share. I agree to be a part of bringing this reputation further into the future.

  • I agree to Leave No Trace.  Before packing up and leaving camp I agree to meticulously MOOP (removing Matter Out Of Place) and take it with me to throw away.  Burning Man is a Leave No Trace event - every article of trash, every sequin, every shard of wood, every hammer, every nail is picked up and the land is left in a better condition than we found it and is restored to a pristine condition.  Camp Mystic has had a perfect Green record every year of its existence because we take this value seriously except for the last 2 years...we are working to bring back our GREEN record.  I agree that to participate in making sure my camping area is completely spotless and clear of Moop.