Getting Involved with Camp Mystic

Wanna Get Involved At Camp Mystic?

We are an extraordinary group of thought leaders, teachers, speakers, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and healers who believe that the path to fulfillment and satisfaction is being in the service and contribution to others.   We are an intimate tribe who loves to create artful interactions and beauty wherever we go.  We do that through our offering of incredible art, music, performance, workshops, speaker panels, and more!

Camping at Burning Man with Camp Mystic is by invitation only.  At Burning Man we are given a limited amount of space.  We have 150 spots open to our Mystic Members each year.  We keep our camp at this size so we can maintain an intimate environment where everyone feels like they can connect as a tribe and we can fit comfortable on our plot of land.

If you'd like to camp with Camp Mystic at burning man and get involved, find yourself a veteran Mystic to sponsor you and fill out the contact form below with your name, email, and a brief introduction to who you are and why you think you'd make a great contribution to our camp and we'll be in touch.  Answering these 2 questions:


    Get A Veteran Mystic Sponsor And Answer These 2 Questions:

    1. How do embody one or more of our core Mystic values (Radical Contribution, Radical Collaboration, Radical Compassion, Radical Self Expression, and Radical Evolution).

    2. How SPECIFICALLY do you want to help us co-create the magic at Mystic...there are no spectaors (coming early for build, staying for exodus, leading one of our teams, participating on one or more of our teams, giving a talk or workshop, doing healing session in our dome, performing at our night time parties and events)


Support us Through A Donation
In addition you can support us through a donation to the Mystic Flyer to help keep us FLYING!  The Mystic Flyer is a Mobile Mystical experience of visionary art, music, dance, performance, a binuaral Time Jump experience and plush cuddle zone to the grand playa.  Check it out here:

Mystic Flyer Campaign

Mystic Flyer - 3D Render

Mystic Flyer 2016


Purchase a Camp Mystic Visionary Art Shirt

We have created an awesome full coverage visionary art Mystic T-Shirt, Tank Top and this year a new HOODIE.  To get your hands on one of these cool looking babies, click the campaign here and select your perk and we'll send your shirt:

Camp Mystic Visionary Art T-shirts, Tank Tops, and Hoodies


Got any questions about camping with us?


Get Involved Contact Form


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