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Temple of Together

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Who are the Mystics?

Camp Mystic has a 20 year history as a theme camp at burning man. We are a medley of creative talent & energy. Inspired by a sense of mystery & wonder, we perceive the consciousness of "We Are All One". Mystics encourage the enigmatic spirit to explore a deeper connection not only on this planet and all that exists within, but the realm of the entire Universe. Camp Mystic is an ongoing experiment in the power of friendship, love, artistic expression, commitment, and exploration into the farthest reaches of human development and beyond. Celebration and the pursuit of happiness with meaning is what has maintained this community year after year as it grows in both numbers and potential for greatness.

Camp Mystic are a plethora of extraordinary thought leaders, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, teachers, aritsts, musicians, and healers.  We are all about ecstatic participation, contribution, and intimate connection.   Learn More>

Courtesy of Besty Finkelhoo

What are our Values?

We as a community are bound by these values:

  • We like to make things happen by setting a clear intention and then surrendering to the moment.
  • We look to enhance every environment we are in and leave it better than we found it. The way art does that, the way science does that, the way human interaction does that, and our dedication to leaving no trace.
  • We have a profound curiosity about what empowers people and allows them to be greater.
  • We celebrate beauty and creative expression in all forms.
  • We look for and welcome opportunities to stretch our boundaries and push our edges.
  • And…love is present in everything we do.

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Video courtesy of A Loving Production. Created by Cosmic Cowboy and Mr. Fun

Wanna Get Involved?

There are several ways to get involved with us at Mystic

  1. Donate to the Mystic Arts Foundation (501c3) to support immersive art and transformational events on and off the playa.  
  2. Get Sponsored by a veteran Mystic answering our 2 sponsorship questions as you choose which Pillar of camp you'd like to participate in holding with us.
  3. Learn about which Team(s) you might want to lead, participate in, and contribute to...there are no spectators at burning man!  We have 40+ teams you can particiapte in.
  4. Read our FAQs to get more of your specific quesitons answered.  Chances are, your questions might have been asked and answered.  

Photo credit: Chris Johnson (Johnson Pictures, Inc.)

Public Offerings

Music & DJ's

Camp Mystic brings together acoustic and live musical performances with some of burning man’s best artists including Phutureprimitive, Clozee, Human Experience, Deya Dova, Govinda, Kaminanda, Random Rab, Kryston Pixston, and many others Find out more...

Workshops & Talks

The Mystics attract well known thought leaders, authors, speakers and teachers who offer their wisdom  to the playa on topics ranging from human development, sexuality, relationship, post modern spirituality, the burning man ethos, and more.  The theme of our series is The New Story of Humanity's Evolution and we have days focused on Reinventing Relationships, Cultivating Conscious Communities, The Science of Shift, and Business Technology and Society. Find out more...

Art & Performance

One of the things Camp Mystic has become most proud of is our showcase of incredible visionary art and performance from artists like Android Jones, Joma Sipes, Hans Walor, Michael Divine, Emma Watson, Amanda Sage, Atumn Skye, Susan Boulet, along with many more.  We also feature incredible dancers, singers, aerialists, fire spinners, spoken word artists, and more. Find out more...

Camp Mystic Party Poster 2019