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The Mystic Arts Foundation is a 501(c)3 whose mission is to create and support immersive transformational and art experiences and events around the world.  Your donation helps make those expderiences a reality.

The Mystic Flyer is the Ambassador Vehicle of Camp Mystic whose mission is to bring together a Global Collection of artists, musicians, and thought-leading speakers in expanded contact with the citizens of Black Rock City and others by traveling to events all over the World. 

We appreciate your ongoing generous support! Not only does your funding help us bring the Mystic Flyer all over the country, as we are building spectacular new additions to the Mystic Flyer,  Phase III plans include a breathtaking illuminated head sculpture, fiber optic wings, and improvements to our DJ booth and Sound System, and on the inside we are developing new Time Travel Technology tracks and brand new interactive illuminated environment to "fly" your consciousness into new dimensions!


We're putting your donation to good use...

  • Your donation helps to sponsor artists, performers, and experienced designers to come to the Myd-Burn, Burning Man, and other transformational events the Foundation is creating.
  • Your donation helps support the creation of more audio, visual and immersive art like the Ambassador Mutant Vehicle The Mystic Flyer, Camp Mystic, and other nationwide art, festival, and transformational events.
  • Your donation opens up the possibility for us to scholarship those at lower income levels so that they can experience our events, giving them an opportunity to participate and contribute to co-creating the magic.


Camp Mystic - Support Immersive Arts Living Truth Trio

Camp Mystic - Support Immersive Dance Party Truth & Beauty

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Camp Mystic - Support Truth & Beauty Performance

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