Teams at Mystic

Teams At Camp Mystic

A Culture of Ecstatic Volunteerism

At Burning Man there are no spectators and at Mystic we create a culture of ecstatic volunteerism.   Many hands make for light work and with all of us on the job, it feels like joyful participation rather than laborious obligation.

Everyone participats on one or more of our teams.   It's a fun and rewarding way to become an active member of our tribe, getting to know a lot of amazing people, and experiencing the delight of seeing all our visions come to life.   We've heard from so many of you that being an active part of this process is the most transformative and rewarding part of the burning man experience. 

We have 40+ teams at Camp there are many ways to contribute that will allow you to follow what delights you most.  Everyone at Mystic signs up for at least 1 team (many participate on 2 or 3 teams) and every mystic signs is required to sign-up for at least 2-3 shifts (and many signup for more!). 

If you are invited to camp with us this year (invite code), you'll have an opportunity to sign up for your teams and shifts.   Once you are registered you'll be able to see each of our Team pages that will explain how to participate.   


Wanna know more about how to Participate on these teams?