Teams At Camp Mystic

Teams At Camp Mystic

One of the best things about Camp Mystic is the vibe and that vibe is based on how amazing all of you are and how we each share some common values.  One of the values that we share as is our desire to enhance every environment we are in through radical compassion, radical contribution, and radical collaboration.  Remember at Burning Man there are no spectators and participating on a team is a great way to be an active creator of our camp and see your vision come to life before your eyes.   Being part of this process of creation for many is the most transformative and rewarding and fun part of the whoel burning man experience....building camp from ground level up is my absolute favorite time at burning man.  

We have nearly 40 teams at Camp Mystic each with a different project, each with their own team leader, each with their own many fun and awesome ways to contribute.  Everyone at Mystic signs up for at least 1 team and many in this tribe sign up for up to 3!  If you have a sponsor and you end up joining us they can tell you more about what it means to be on each team.  When you register you'll be given an opportunity to sign up for between 1-3 teams and will see a checklist of what to expect.   Many hands make for light work and with all of us on the job, it feels like joyful participation rather than laborious obligation.

Take a look at this list to see where your heart and spirit are called.  We've indicated the teams below which still have spots and need members.  We promise you'll have fun with it as we all serve in a state of ecstatic volunteerism:

  1. Art Projects Leads
  2. Bike 
  3. Breakdown & Strike Leader (everyone strikes!)
  4. Burn Barrel & Fire Marshals
  5. Communications 
  6. Cosmic Heart Temple
  7. Costume Tent 
  8. Counselors 
  9. Culture  & Virgin Support
  10. Dance Parties 
  11. Decor & Beautification 
  12. Dining Hall Build Lead
  13. Dome & Healing Sanctuary
  14. Early Arrival Build Leader
  15. Events & Speaker Series
  16. Exodus 
  17. First Aid & Safety
  18. Kid Zone
  19. Kitchen & Meal Plan 
  20. Layout/ Internal Placement
  21. Leave No Trace
  22. Lighting 
  23. Mystic Council - Elected Members Only
  24. Mystic Flyer (Mutant Vehicle)
  25. Mystic Theater Build Lead
  26. Photos- Camp Member Sign
  27. Power
  28. Ritual
  29. RV Poopy Pumpers
  30. Saturday Morning Forever
  31. Shade Structure Build Lead
  32. Shower
  33. Signage
  34. Sound
  35. Supplies & Inventory
  36. Team Lead Support
  37. Transportation & Storage
  38. Treasurer
  39. Visionary Art
  40. Volunteer Appreciation
  41. Water / Grey Water
  42. Website & Registration
  43. Welcome Wagon

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